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Maggs Bruchez

Pinkturban is a world-inspired electronic music record label run by Otm Shank and based in Los Angeles.

Pinkturban has released music by artists including Goldcap, Talvin Singh, Dandara, Das Kapital, Bakongo, ZDS, Jey Kurmis, Ahadadream, Evan Hatfield, Bryce Lamar, Girish Chatterjee, Arzeen, and more. 

Pinkturban's releases have been supported by numerous DJs and radio stations around the globe including BBC Radio 1, BBC 6 Music, BBC Asian Network, SiriusXM, George FM and Kiss FM.

Pinkturban has hosted events across California and all the way to Beirut in Lebanon, celebrating the beauty of diversity and uniting cultures through art. 

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